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First, you've got Allison Best's new, ass mashin' metal outfit, SUPERGRAVE.  Then (oh boy!)... the tanks roll into position for a long awaited reunion from WHOREHOUND. (Rob Williams, Jon Black Y'all, and trevi Biles.  Topping this cake of badassery is BRIAN'S JOHNSON, an AC/DC cover/tribute band, featuring 30footFall alumni and fronted by former Spunk bassist, Jeff Poppe. (Jeff also plays drums for the opening band, the sludge/death metal outfit Bowel.) This is hands down the most bad ass local show happening in September.  ~ -Wes

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Rivethead #23, September/October 1990 double issue.  Cover art by Kenneth A. Hill.  This all-local edition featured Academy Black, deadhorse, and Inner Sanctum among others, including an A to Z listing of many of the bands working the scene at that time.  We were VERY proud to put out this Second Anniversary Issue!  Edited and published by Lisa E. Sullivan.  View this entire issue now under our 'Archives' tab.

Rivethead Magazine and Last Entertainment Corporation of America, in association with Red Clown Crematorium and the Rev. Dr. Dubb Diablo, are proud to present:  "Shut Up & Listen Vol. 1', a 16-track showcase of select Southern Texas indie talents of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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