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Hell City Kings will be releasing their new 7" vinyl slab at Fitzgerald's, and just get a load of these supporting bands!!  Not a better line-up to be found anywhere else!  


$20 buys you a lot of class these days!  Hit up the Editor at andrewschlett@gmail.com and we'll get one of these fine Rivethead Magazine T-shirts out to you!  Size availability is limited, so act now before they sell out!  You'll be the envy of your friends!


Rivethead #24, November 1990.  Cover art by Michael Haaga.  This edition featured Megadeth, Alice In Chains, Exodus and much more!  Edited and published by Lisa E. Sullivan.  This issue is NOT in the Rivethead Archives!  If you have a copy, PLEASE hit us up!!

Rivethead Magazine and Last Entertainment Corporation of America, in association with Red Clown Crematorium and the Rev. Dr. Dubb Diablo, are proud to present:  "Shut Up & Listen Vol. 1', a 16-track showcase of select Southern Texas indie talents of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

hear this webzine compilation for totally free here:


and just released last month.....

Volume 2! 


Rivethead Stickers are now available!  All stickers proudly produced and provided by Sammy Salazar Chong (december's child) and MCL Screenworks, El Cerrito CA.  Thank you Sammy!! 

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