Editor's Update:  At the time I wrote the following note to explain what was going on with our website, I had no real idea how much work was going to be involved in this project.  Instead of merely converting the pages from version 6 to version 7, I am having to rebuild absolutely everything from scratch.  SO... as a result, I hope to have this all done in time for our 28th Anniversary, sometime in later October.  By now, all of the Issues have been Archived.  Each issue does in fact have it's own page, and have been indexed by year and issue for easier reference.  My next step will be to rebuild Rivethead Radio and all associated Podcasts, then our Reviews and Editor's Desk, and so on until it is all ready to be rolled out and unveiled.  Until that time, we appreciate your continued patience, and please rest assured that all appropriate fanfare will accompany the release of the new site.  Thank you again!!


Rivethead Magazine is taking the month of August off in order that we may re-format the website to the upgraded platform that Go Daddy is changing us to.  This will be a tedious and long project, expected to take most of the month as we go, page by page, from web builder version 6 to web builder version 7, but in the end our efforts will be totally worth it.

In the meantime, all the website tabs and links are still accessible and we invite you to browse the website at your leisure.  The calendar is not filled in, nor have we selected a “Pick Show” or spotlighted a throwback issue for this month, but the remainder of our features remain unchanged.  The new website will be more focused on archival presentation of our entire issue catalogue; it will be in essence a museum of Rivethead History.  Each and every issue will have its own page, which will make going through the Archives much easier than it has been up until this point.  All of our fantastic podcasts done by the incredible Wes Dodson and also incredible Kit Perkins will be carried over.  The recent work done in the field of national acts by our beloved Wendy Jasper-Martinez will find its way into the new format.  The “Editor’s Desk” will be expanded to include more interesting articles and essays to read.  We think it will be a better Rivethead when we are done, and we think you will agree.

Check back with us in September to see what it all looks like!  We always appreciate everybody who visits our website and we look forward to continuing to serve Houston music for many years to come.

Because the Music Matters.

-Andrew C Schlett

Editor, Rivethead Magazine



Rivethead Stickers are now available!  All stickers proudly produced and provided by Sammy Salazar Chong and MCL Screenworks, El Cerrito CA.  Thank you Sammy!! 

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